About NewPower Education

About Us

NewPower Education is a non-partisan nonprofit focused on educating and encouraging women to engage in all areas of public service. This includes: running for public office, serving on community boards, achieving appointed office, and volunteering in political campaigns or offices. The nonprofit has created a series of videos focused on assisting women to learn more about the journey to public service. Donations to NewPower Education are charitable deductions.

NewPower Education is a companion 501(c)3 nonprofit organization independent of NewPowerPAC, a nonpartisan political action committee. The mission of NewPowerPAC is to empower, endorse and elect more women to public office throughout the state of Georgia. The Political Action Committee’s goal is to inspire women to become political leaders and advocates in their communities and throughout the state. NewPowerPAC spends money on elections and candidates, but is not run by a party or individual candidate. Donations to the PAC are not charitable contributions.

Board of Directors

Missy Vanderbilt, President

Adelaide Steedley, Secretary

Shafiqua Little, Treasurer

Anne Brody

Nancy Daves

Sheronn Harris

Liane Levetan

Tania Robinson

Outreach Committee

Monica Dean
Heather Fenton
Anna Foote
Sara Fountain
Sheronn Harris
Jennifer McNeely
Panke Bradley Miller
Utrophia Robinson
Jan Selman
Marcia Stewart
Karli Swift
Missy Vanderbilt
Tiffany Watkins
Gale Walldorff